June 7, 2010


First with the cinnamon rolls . . .

Then with the rose. This is the second stage, because the first stage or "rosebud" picture was lost.

The third stage . . .

This is the fourth and final stage. Beautiful isn't it?? A little pearl dust and ... perfection! :)

Then the carnations (this is the best one)

The box of half-done and finished carnations . . .

All the flowers need calyxes added but they are in essence, complete. I feel very accomplished for 2 hours of work! :) I'd say it was an all around successful and busy day, wouldn't you??


  1. Those flowers look beautiful!! I can't wait to learn how to make those! Did you learn from the Wilton course?

  2. Well, the carnations yes . . the third course. The rose was an online gumpaste tutorial from www.designmeacake.com which I highly recommend!!