August 19, 2010

In Between Photos

Okay, so I sat down to do the cakes and had never worked with the Satin Ice Fondant before. I was told to roll it thicker than Wilton (which is totally correct) but knew nothing else about it. I found a few things.

1. It tastes infinitely better than Wilton's.
2. It has a hard time supporting its own weight because of how soft it is. Translation - the basket-weave imprinter did not work because it continually broke.

So, with the imprinter not working, I went to plan two, cut strips individually and weave my own basket. I actually LOVE the results.

This is the ten inch cake, followed by the eight inch, and then a photo of my hysterically filled refridgerator:

It took longer but I really love them. They are not yet painted (that will happen in CT) so the color will be much darker. Today I food process the oreo's for "potting soil", and pack tools for Connecticut. Then I spend most of the day praying that all three cakes successfully make the trip. :)

The next pictures you should get will be cakes that are completed!! :)

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  1. WOW! Looks great, can't wait to see the finished product. :)