July 1, 2010

Final Cake / First Basket Try

So, this past Tuesday evening was my final wilton class. My instructor, Mary, allowed me to attempt my fondant basket weave cake. I learned some very, VERY important things I will put into practice for august.

1. Do not use caramel buttercream in the summer. It melts -- very quickly. Not good with fondant at all!

2. Do not over-dust the basket weave imprinting pattern. The cornstarch gets stuck in the grooves and doesn't imprint as well.

3. Rolling long ropes of fondant for the top is difficult and requires patience . . . I will do those on a day I'm ready for them.

4. Betty Crocker cakes tend to crumble more. Now I know why lots of decorators use Duncan Hines. I think I will just start making my own.

Either way, here are the pictures of how the cake turned out! Hope you enjoy!!

The tutorial was awesome, and the pattern maker was a little time consuming, but wonderful. I am looking forward to doing it again soon! This week, however, is all about preparing for my little girls' third birthday and her requested purple tinkerbell cake! :)


  1. it looks gorgeous Sarah! I can't wait to see the cake you make for your little princess too!

  2. Great job!!! Can't wait to see how Tinkerbell turns out!

  3. So at GS Day Camp these 1st two weeks of July I'm teaching Scouts to decorate with BC icing (yes, I must be crazy!) Fondant day in our humid cabin was very sticky indeed, but they had a wonderful time and were so excited to see what they could do. I am so glad you enjoyed our classes and I look forward to other classes with you, Sarah. Keep up the good work :-)from "Mary"

  4. It looks beautiful!! :D Almost too good to eat!!